Twitter Destroys Ivanka Trump After She Tries To Advertise Her New ‘Convertible’ Jewelry Line

Based on these brutal responses I’d say that Ivanka’s new jewelry line is an epic fail.

Sometimes the Trump family makes it just too easy to mock them.

On Friday, Twitter erupted when Ivanka Trump’s company posted an advertisement for her new “convertible” jewelry line. The tacky jewelry features jewels that can be switched out. It’s hardly a new idea, but Ivanka is good at stealing other people’s ideas for her accessories and shoes.

Based on the brutal responses to her tweet, I’d say that her new jewelry line is an epic fail.

Many people wanted to know if Ivanka was going to add handcuffs and ankle monitors to her new line. Others nailed her on her use of foreign factories and sweat shops to make her products. There were also many tweets attacking her for being complicit in her father’s corruption.

Both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner supposedly stepped aside from running their companies while they are working in the White House. But we’ve already seen them, along with the whole family, really, using the presidency to make money for themselves.

Last year, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was castigated by the Office of Government Ethics because she went on national TV and told people to go out and buy Ivanka’s clothes.

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