3 Billboards Trolling Marco Rubio In South Florida Following High School Massacre

“Slaughtered in school.”
“And still no gun control?”
“How come, Marco Rubio?”

The citizens of South Florida have a message for Senator Marco Rubio….Do something about gun violence!

On Friday, these messages were seen on three mobile billboards near Rubio’s office in Doral, Florida.

The messages on the trucks read, “Slaughtered in school,” “And still no gun control?” and “How come, Marco Rubio?”

The campaign targeting Rubio was created by an online activist group called Avaaz. And the three billboards have been seen rolling around downtown Miami and Little Havana.

Avaaz’s deputy director Emma Ruby-Sachs said,

“Florida has notoriously lax gun laws, and Rubio, who is supported by the NRA, has never attempted to reform them. The senator ranks as one of the highest recipients of NRA contributions and has received an A+ rating from the NRA.”

On Thursday, Rubio said that no gun laws would have prevented the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. But this is the same bullshit that Republicans always say after mass shootings, so that they don’t have to even try to deal with gun violence.

Ruby-Sachs added,

“Today citizens are asking: How come Rubio refuses to protect our children? The senator has taken fire across the country for his toothless response to the shooting, calling it ‘inexplicable’. We called (that) ‘inexcusable.'”

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