CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Absolutely SHREDS Republican Holocaust Denier In Heated Interview -VIDEO

“It is shocking to hear how vocally and unapologetically racist you are. Are you a Nazi?”

Last week, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota interviewed a Republican on New Day who’s running for an Illinois seat in Congress. And it was an absolute train wreck.

Arthur Jones is a Holocaust denying Nazi who is running unopposed in the Republican primary race for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. To say that he is a racist nut-job would be an understatement.

Camerota played a clip of Jones sounding completely unhinged while speaking at a neo-Nazi rally. And then she turned back to Jones and said, “Mr. Jones, It is shocking to hear how vocally and unapologetically racist you are. Are you a Nazi?”

Jones responded saying that he doesn’t call himself a Nazi because he hasn’t been formally connected to the Nazi party “since about 1990.” He said instead, “I call myself an American patriot and statesman.”

“You’ve been part of anti-Semitic groups since the 1970s,” Camerota shot back. “You’re part of the White People’s Party. You dress in Nazi garb, you celebrate Hitler’s birthday. You’re a Nazi.”

Camerota continued, “Your website is filled with the most vile, rancid rhetoric I think I’ve ever read.”

“It’s not vile and rancid. It’s the truth,” Jones snapped back. “There’s nothing on that website that’s not true. … You ‘Jews’ media, you’ve gone absolutely nuts, you think that Adolf Hitler’s revived from the grave or something. It’s one man, one man, myself, that’s standing for the truth.”

Then Jones went into a tirade about how the Holocaust was nothing but a “scam.”

“The cursed two-party, ‘Jew party, queer party’ system can’t stand it,” the Republican said.

“If you did an honest investigation of the Holocaust,” he continued, “you’d realize that it is nothing but an international extortion racket by the Jews to bleed, blackmail, extort and terrorize their enemies and to suck us into one war after another in the Mid East.”

Camerota ended the heated interview, telling the Nazi that he is going to lose his election. “We’re not in the business of predicting the news, but I can say that you will lose this race,” she said. “We’ll see what the voters think.”


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