Archie Bunker Perfectly Predicts Trump’s Gun Plan Back In 1972 -VIDEO

Back in the 70s Archie Bunker’s asinine big solution to gun violence was a punch line. Now this bad joke is the serious plan of the President of the United States. Watch this video and tell me that he doesn’t sound exactly like Trump and the NRA-owned Republicans of today.

Archie Bunker was an over-the-top bigot in the 1970s sitcom All in the Family. Bunker was so outrageous and absurd that he was hilarious. But now, over 40 years later, Bunker’s ludicrous ideas are mainstream Republican ideology.

In a 1972 episode, Bunker, played by Carroll O’Connor, took on the subject of gun control. At the time, a major problem in the country was hijacking at gunpoint. Archie’s big idea was to arm more people. Now our problem is mass shootings. And Trump’s big idea is to arm all of the teachers.

Both ideas are insane. The difference is Bunker’s idea was a bad sitcom joke. Now the bad joke is our president.

In this clip, Archie says that if you arm everybody, the shooter will no longer feel “superiorority” and “ain’t gonna dare to pull out no rod” as a result.

Bunker continues,

“And then your airlines, then they wouldn’t have to search the passengers on the ground no more, they just pass out the pistols at the beginning of the trip, and they pick ’em up again at the end. Case closed.”

Norman Lear, one of the producers of All in the Family, said that Archie’s plan on guns is frighteningly similar to plans promoted by Trump and the NRA.

“Can we possibly have any other reaction to Wayne LaPierre’s similarly insane idea to provide armed guards for every school but to laugh?” Lear said. “Or cry. I find myself doing a lot of both lately.”

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