CNN’s Chris Cuomo Can’t Stop Laughing While Discussing The Trump Marriage -VIDEO

CNN’s Chris Cuomo couldn’t keep a straight face on Monday while he was discussing Trump’s marriage to Melania.

Monday morning CNN aired a segment on the Trump marriage. And it ended with show host Chris Cuomo breaking out laughing at the absurdity.

CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett pointed out in the segment that Melania has been under the microscope since reports emerged about her husband’s infidelity. Bennett said,

“She has been quiet. But she’s done certain things, like driving separately up to the State of the Union address and even the other day taking a separate motorcade to meet the president at the plane after another salacious headline broke.”

Bennett also noted that Melania cancelled her trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year after it was reported that Trump had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels around the time that Melania gave birth to her son Barron.

“Her office says that these are logistical and scheduling issues, but one cannot help but wonder what might be going on behind the scenes and whether she’s expressing herself and some frustration just by being quiet and marking these notes of independence,” Bennett said.

Then Cuomo burst out laughing.

“We’re looking for clues,” he said, talking through his laughter. “All I’m saying is … whatever happens with them, happens, but we don’t have to hunt for clues.”

There have been reports of Trump’s extramarital affairs with multiple women. Trump denies all of the allegations. But, considering Trump’s history with infidelity and his aversion to the truth, it’s really hard to imagine that he’s not lying.

Earlier this month, a former Playboy centerfold, Karen McDougal, admitted that she had an affair with Trump in 2006 – around the same time as his affair with Stormy Daniels.

It has also been reported that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid $130,000 to Daniels before the 2016 election to keep her quiet about the affair. And that’s on top of reports that the president’s buddy at the National Inquirer paid other women for their stories of affairs with Trump before the election. The Inquirer then killed the stories by buying the rights to them but never publishing them.

I can’t really blame Cuomo for laughing at Trump’s marriage. It does seem to be a bit of a joke. Personally I feel sorry for Melania. Hopefully she’s having an affair of her own with a hot body guard or personal trainer.

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