Florida School Shooting Survivors Are Trolling The Trolls Who Say They’re Paid Crisis Actors

These smart and aware kids are really giving me hope.

These outspoken teens have grown up with social media. They’re experts at it. Stupid right-wing trolls don’t stand a chance against these kids.

It’s been truly inspiring watching these young people who have just survived a horrific mass slaughter at their high school find their voices and demand gun control. It gives me a lot of hope for our country’s future.

It makes me sick that right-wing websites and trolls have been attacking these kids. Ignorant righties have been flooding social media with posts disparaging the teens. And many are accusing them of being paid crisis actors.

Even the president’s son, Don Jr. has been “liking” ignorant posts attacking the students.

Many of the right-wing trolls have been targeting one of the student survivors, 17-year-old David Hogg, because his father is a former FBI agent.

Some trolls are even attacking the students by going through their old social media posts.

But the kids are taking it in stride. They are focused and determined. And no stupid internet trolls are going to derail them. In fact, the kids are laughing about it. And they’re now trolling the trolls.

17-year-old Cameron Kasky is the shooting survivor who came up with the name of their movement, “Never Again.” And he poked fun of the accusations against his classmate David Hogg. Responding to a conspiracy theory about the Egyptian pyramids, Cameron said Hogg was probably responsible.

Cameron’s father, Jeff joined in the conspiracy theory fun too. He tweeted out an old picture of his son reading the New York Times and joked, “What EIGHT YEAR OLD kid reads @nytimes on vacation?”

Cameron tweeted back to his dad his own conspiracy theory.

#NeverAgain member Sarah Chadwick also sarcastically defended Hogg.

Another student, Adam Alhanti told the trolls they finally caught him.

Even though the kids are having a little fun going after idiotic trolls, the fact is that the conspiracy theories are hurtful. David Hogg told BuzzFeed that the attacks against him and his classmates were “immature, rude, and inhumane.”

MSD senior Emma Gonzales said she and her friends laughed out loud when she heard people were calling them paid actors.

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