Fox’s Jeanine Pirro Gives Bat-Sh*t-Crazy Defense Of White House Following Domestic Abuse Scandal -VIDEO

This opening monologue by Judge Jeanine is really something. Just wait until you hear the last line. Freaking crazy!

Over on Trump TV things have become absolutely unhinged.

On Saturday night, Fox’s Jeanine Pirro gave an unbelievable opening monologue. Pirro was trying to defend White House Chief of Staff John Kelly following the latest domestic abuse scandal. And not only did she lie throughout the entire thing; she also blamed the whole scandal on Obama. Yes, seriously.

Last week, we found out that top Trump aide Rob Porter beat both of his ex-wives and at least one former girlfriend. Despite what Judge Jeanine says, it turns out that some White House officials, including John Kelly, were told by the FBI about the abuse an entire year ago. Yet they did nothing. They left Porter in his position even though he couldn’t even get security clearance from the FBI.

When the story about Porter’s abuse became public in the press this week, Kelly still did nothing. In fact, on Tuesday, when the story first broke, Kelly actually defended Porter – calling him “a man of true integrity and honor and I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Kelly said that knowing that Porter beat at least three women. And then, in typical Trump fashion, the president backed him up by praising Porter and basically calling his accusers liars.

By Wednesday, the backlash was too much, and Kelly accepted Porter’s resignation. But that was after strongly defending him the day before.

But that’s not the story Fox viewers heard. If they were watching Judge Jeanine on Saturday night, then they think that Kelly is the hero in this story.

In a truly mind-blowing statement Pirro said,

“You want to stop a four-star general who is running the White House, who believes in chain of command, who makes a decision within forty minutes, because you hate President Trump? Find another scapegoat. You might want to look at the last president.”

Seriously, she’s blaming President Obama for this.

Pirro never elaborated on how exactly this could possibly be Obama’s fault. And later on in the show, former White House staffer Seb Gorka suggested that the FBI investigators were actually to blame for the whole thing. It seems that Fox will say absolutely anything to protect this corrupt administration.

And the scariest part is that Fox viewers actually believe this bullshit.

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