Georgia Teacher In Custody After Firing Gun in Classroom

Let’s just arm the teachers they said… what could possibly go wrong they said…

Since the mass slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida Donald Trump and his Republican toadies have been insisting that the solution to gun violence is to just arm all of the teachers. And now, exactly two weeks after 17 children and teachers were gunned down in Florida, more school children have been terrorized. But this time it was a teacher who fired a gun in school.

On Wednesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported,

“A North Georgia teacher, known as the longtime radio voice of Dalton High School football and basketball, is in custody after he fired at least one shot inside a classroom, police said.”

53-year-old social studies teacher Randal Davidson has been at Dalton High School, which is about 90 miles northwest of Atlanta, since 2004. According to Dalton Public Schools, Davidson was named Dalton’s top teacher of the year in 2012. Davidson is what Republicans would call a “good guy with a gun.” He was a good guy with a gun, just like Trump is promoting, right up until he lost his mind, barricaded himself in his classroom, and fired his gun.

Parents, teachers, and students all across the country are on edge because of the latest school shooting in Florida two weeks ago. So you can just imagine the panic felt by these Georgia students Wednesday morning when they heard gunshots.

A spokesman from the Dalton Police Department said that at around 11:30 am on Wednesday morning students tried to get into Davidson’s classroom. But the teacher, with his gun, refused to let students into the room.

The students went to the principal to report the problem. The principal then went with a key to Davidson’s class, but when the he tried to open the door the teacher forcibly closed it on him.

Moments later the principal and students heard a gunshot.

Police were able to quickly evacuate the building. No students were hurt by the teacher’s gun. But some students were injured during the chaotic evacuation.

After nearly an hour, police were able to get Davidson to surrender.

Trump has been majorly pushing the idea of arming teachers. But what happens when the good guy with the gun suddenly becomes the bad guy with the gun?

This is madness. And Wednesday’s events in Georgia show just how insane it is to put more guns in schools. What’s next? Arming the children?

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