Homophobic Hypocrite Kim Davis Releases New Book On Sanctity Of Jesus Marriage

This woman is a Christian adulteress who’s been married four times. But, sure. Please tell me all about how the gays are ruining the sanctity of your Jesus marriage.

I have to be honest, this is a book I have absolutely no intention of reading. But I do find it remarkable that anyone would actually publish a book about the sanctity of marriage written by a homophobic Christian adulteress who’s been married four times. This gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘hypocrite.’

Kim Davis’ claim to fame is that she’s a homophobe who broke the law. Davis denied marriage licenses to gays after the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in 2015. She said that issuing licenses to gays violated her Christian beliefs. After several couples sued, a federal judge ordered that she must do her job and issue the licenses to same-sex couples. She still refused. And she ended up serving five days in jail because of it.

In the end, Davis’ deputies ended up issuing licenses to gay couples. And Kentucky changed their laws so that marriage licenses no longer show the county clerk’s name.

But now Davis’ hatred is being rewarded.

The anti-LGBT group Liberty Counsel worked with Davis on her new book. Davis, along with the Liberty Counsel’s director of creative services, John Aman, coauthored the book, Under God’s Authority: The Kim Davis Story. According the Lexington Herald-Leader, proceeds from the book will go to the Liberty Counsel, which represented Davis in her court battles.

A press release from the Liberty Counsel calls the book an “amazing narrative of redemption and courage” that “goes behind the scenes to reveal how God gave this unlikely candidate a platform to defend marriage and religious freedom.”

The Liberty Counsel says, “Kim chronicles her dramatic encounters with furious, fist-pounding, homosexual men and the hate mail that flooded her office.”

This ridiculous book is also endorsed by several people from the religious far right, including Mike Huckabee and Franklin Graham.

One of the gay men who Davis denied a marriage license to is now running against her for the clerk’s position. I suggest that instead of wasting $25 on book written by a homophobic hypocrite, you make a donation to David Ermold to help him defeat her.

Here’s where you can donate to defeat this hateful woman:

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