Humiliating Trump Even Further, Twitter Breaks Into Hilarity With #YoMemoJokes

“Yo memo’s so fake it should’ve been named ‘Stormy’s Orgasm.'”

On Friday, the Republicans released the now infamous Nunes memo. And it didn’t go well. The memo turned out to be nothing more than an over-hyped partisan dud.

Fox News has been in overdrive lighting their hair on fire over this bogus memo. For the past two weeks, they have been insisting that the memo was going to destroy the Mueller investigation. They’ve been calling it bigger than Watergate. And, according to Sean Hannity, many members of the FBI and DOJ are going to prison because of this so-called bombshell memo.

But, after all that hype, the memo contained very little new information. And it’s full of lies and misinformation.

In the end, the memo proves the opposite of what Republicans said it would prove. They have been claiming for weeks now that the Mueller investigation was started because of the Steele dossier. But, according to their own memo, the investigation was actually started because of Papadopoulos bragging to the Australians about the dirt that Russia had stolen from Clinton.

The memo turned out to be a big nothing burger.

By Friday night, Twitter had broken into hilarity over the whole thing.

Thanks to comedian George Wallace, the hashtag #YoMemoJokes has been trending worldwide since Friday.

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