Michael Steele Argues With CPAC Head About Racist Attack, ‘What The Hell!’ -VIDEO


A CPAC official made a racist attack on former RNC chair Michael Steele. Then on Saturday, the head of CPAC basically told Steele that he deserved the racism, because he has been critical of Donald Trump.

On Friday, an official at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) told an audience that Michael Steele was only elected as the RNC chairman because he was black.

Steele served as RNC chair from 2009-2011.

Ian Walters, the spokesman for the American Conservative Union (the organizers of CPAC) said at the Ronald Reagan dinner on Friday, “This is a terrible thing. We elected Mike Steele to be the RNC chair ’cause he’s a black guy, and that was the wrong thing to do.”

So on Saturday, Steele confronted the head of CPAC, Matt Schlapp about the racist attack on his SiriusXM radio show. Steele is a Republican and a long-time friend of these people at CPAC. But Steele also realizes that his party has a major problem with racism.

Schlapp told Steele,

“Those words that tumbled out of his mouth, I believed were unfortunate words.”

Steele quickly shot back,

“They were stupid. It’s not ‘unfortunate.’ Call it what it is. It is stupid to sit there and say that we elected a black man chairman of the party and that was a mistake. Do you know how that sounds to the black community?”

Steele tried to explain to his friend that this type of racism is horrible for the Republican Party. He said attacks like this make Americans “equate that level of stupidity to conservatism.”

“I’ve spent 41 years in this party. Forty-one, all right?” Steele said. “I have taken crap you have no idea about, and I have carried this baggage. And for him to stand on that stage and denigrate my service to this party, and for you as a friend to sit there and go, ‘Well, you have been critical of this party.'”

Schlapp admitted that Walters never should’ve said what he did about Steele. But then he seemed to blame Steele for the racism because he has been critical of Donald Trump.

“What the hell does my race have to do with any of that, at the end of the day? What does the color of my skin have to do with anything you just said?!” Steele said.

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