Top Democrat Says Investigation Has Found ‘Abundance’ Of Evidence Against Trump

Democrat Adam Schiff says that the House investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign has found an abundance of evidence, that is not yet public, proving collusion and obstruction of justice.

It looks like there are a lot of shoes that are getting ready to drop. If Schiff is right, there’s a whole lot of evidence against Trump that has not yet been made public.

On Wednesday, the Guardian reported,

“Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said Wednesday that the panel had seen an “abundance” of evidence of collusion with Russia and obstruction by Donald Trump’s campaign and administration that is not yet public.”

Schiff told reporters that there is already a lot of evidence in the public domain that points to members of the Trump campaign and administration having contacts with Russians. And we’ve already seen the Trump White House try to cover up those contacts. But, according to Schiff, there is a lot more yet to come out.

Schiff said,

“There is certainly an abundance of non-public information that we’ve gathered in the investigation. And I think some of that non-public evidence is evidence on the issue of collusion and some … on the issue of obstruction.”

The California Democrat added that the intelligence community also has evidence that points to money laundering by members of Trump’s inner circle. But Schiff complained that Republicans are doing everything in their power to block the investigation.

“It is a tried and true maxim,” Schiff said. “As a former prosecutor, you follow the money. We have not been able to adequately follow the money. And I think the allegations on money laundering are credible enough that we ought to, in the exercise of due diligence, see if this was one of the other vectors of the Russian active measures campaign.”

He added,

“We know that in other places they use money laundering as a way of entangling people, as a way of compromising people. To me that is far more potentially compromising than any salacious video would be.”

On Tuesday, the U.S. intelligence chiefs testified before Congress that the Russians would definitely try to disrupt and interfere with the midterm elections coming up in November. Adam Schiff outlined his recommendations for trying to protect the integrity of the vote to reporters on Wednesday.

Schiff said,

“What we really need is a fast response from the social media companies when they identify foreign meddling. We also need to make sure that the social media companies get timely information from the intel[ligence] community when the intel community has identified actors that are abusing their platforms.”

But Schiff argued that the most important thing we need is for the president to take a stand. According the intelligence chiefs, Trump has given no directive to the intelligence community as to how to stop the Russians.

“Probably the most significant thing that we can do to protect ourselves in 2018 requires a couple of things. It requires the commander in chief to decide this is a priority and to instruct all of its relevant cabinet officials to develop a game plan to protect against foreign interference in our elections,” Schiff said. “It requires that we develop a nonpartisan, bipartisan consensus that if a foreign power meddles again we will all reject their interference no matter who it helps or who it hurts.”

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