Audience Bursts Into Laughter At Michael Cohen’s Lawyer In Disastrous Interview With Megyn Kelly -VIDEO

Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, is in a lot of trouble over the threats and hush money paid to Stormy Daniels. And now Cohen’s lawyer is making things much, much worse.

Donald Trump is in so much legal trouble that his lawyer has had to hire his own lawyer. Michael Cohen has hired David Schwartz, an attorney who is just as crazy as Cohen. In recent days, Schwartz has been making the media rounds to defend Cohen and Trump. To say that it isn’t going well would be a serious understatement.

On Wedensday night, Schwartz left many legal experts scratching their heads when he appeared on CNN and said that Trump never knew about the hush money agreement with Stormy Daniels. His argument would mean that the contract, and the arbitration provisions, would be extremely difficult to enforce. If Trump isn’t party to the contract, then Cohen could be in a lot of legal trouble and the entire contract could be void.

Schwartz basically admitted on Wednesday night that Cohen broke the law and acted unethically. And then, on Thursday morning, Schwartz made things even worse when he gave an absolutely disastrous interview to Megyn Kelly on NBC’s The Today Show.

Kelly asked Schwartz why Cohen would’ve made a $130,000 payment to the porn star without ever telling Trump. Schwartz said that the decision was made partly because of the timing of the election.

“You gotta see the way this all comes down,” Schwartz said, “First off he got approached, OK, he got approached 19 days or 15 days before the election. It’ll take $130,000 to make this go away.”

For Cohen and Trump, this is one of the worst things that Schwartz could’ve admitted. Because this means that the hush money was paid to help Trump’s campaign, and it almost certainly means that Cohen violated campaign finance laws.

And things only got worse from there.

One of Stormy Daniels’ claims is that she was threatened to stop talking about Trump while she was with her infant daughter. Her lawyer has said that Cohen was responsible for the threat.

So Kelly asked Schwartz if Cohen had “threatened people in the past in vulgar and intimidating terms?”

After Schwartz bumbled along avoiding the question, Kelly asked again. “He has threatened people. He has threatened people who are on the opposite side of Donald Trump, has he not? In vulgar, profane, and intimidating terms?”

Schwartz was finally forced to admit that yeah, Cohen has done this many times.

Kelly showed several examples of Cohen’s previous vile threatening behavior.

Schwartz responded, “everyone should want an employee like this.” At that point the studio audience burst out laughing at him.

“They are laughing at you openly, David,” Kelly said.

Later Kelly shared that she had been personally on the receiving end of Cohen’s threats. She said that during the campaign Cohen retweeted a message telling people to “gut” her because she asked Trump some tough questions at a debate. Kelly said that she was forced to hire security guards after that because she started getting death threats.

Schwartz tried to laugh it all off saying that Kelly and Cohen didn’t have a “love connection.” Megyn didn’t appreciate the joke.


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