Betsy DeVos Visits Stoneman Douglas High School, Refuses To Talk To Students -VIDEO

“I thought that she would at least give us her ‘thoughts and prayers,’ but she refused to even meet/speak with students. I don’t understand the point of her being here.”

This entire administration is completely tone-deaf.

On Wednesday, the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of a mass slaughter less than a month ago. And it didn’t go well.

The event itself was closed to the press. But DeVos said afterwards that she was accompanied by student reporters the entire time she was at the school. According to the students, that was a lie.

Student senior reporter Carly Novell said on Twitter:

Novell said that, despite what DeVos said, the Education Secretary didn’t talk to any of the MSD students.

And Joy Resmovits from the Los Angeles Times said that DeVos’ press conference following her visit to the school ended abruptly.

The Daily Beast’s James LaPorta posted a video of the press conference saying it lasted only 8 minutes.

You can see in the video that DeVos refused to even address any of the specific gun safety policies like banning assault rifles. She also avoided Trump’s asinine idea of arming teachers.

I guess the Trump administration wanted a cheap photo-op at the Florida high school that just suffered an unimaginable tragedy. But sending Betsy DeVos was a stupid mistake. This whole event was an epic fail.

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