In Bizarre Segment Fox’s Tucker Carlson Says Wage Gap Doesn’t Exist And The Real Victims Are Men -VIDEO

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Tucker Carlson is doing a new weekly segment about men in America. According to Tucker, men are the real victims and women are the oppressors in this country.

On Wednesday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed Dr. Jordan Peterson. And the conversation was all about how tough it is in this country to be a white male.

The two men agreed that American “men are becoming less male.” According to Dr. Peterson the reason is an “insidious” movement in this country, pushed by the “radical left,” that teaches there’s a problem with “toxic masculinity.” Peterson said that “de-emphasizing masculinity may be part of the problem.”

Carlson started the segment off saying,

“Something ominous is happening to men in America. Everyone who pays attention knows that. What’s odd is how rarely you hear it publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men don’t need help. They’re the patriarchy. They’re fine. More than fine. But are they fine?”

Then, the Fox News host went into a list of statistics showing that men are doing worse than women in this country in many areas.

Somehow, Carlson attributes that to the fact that we are now focused on equal rights for women. Tucker and his guest seem to think that, by honoring women and paying them fairly and recognizing the contributions women have made in our history, it somehow puts men at a disadvantage.

Tucker and Peterson believe that treating women fairly is somehow “an attack on masculinity.”

Peterson suggested that it was “reprehensible” and “pathological” to believe that women have been historically oppressed. The Dr. seems to be living in his own version of reality.

At the end of the bizarre segment, Carlson asked Peterson what advice he could give to parents watching.

Peterson said,

“This is specific advice for parents. If you have your children in a school and they talk about equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, systemic racism, any of that, you take your children out of the class. They’re not being educated. They’re being indoctrinated. And there’s absolutely no excuse for it.”

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