Check Out These Powerful Images From Wednesday’s #NationalWalkoutDay

Students across the country walked out of their schools on Wednesday to protest for gun control. These kids are not messing around. And it’s incredibly inspiring watching them lead the way to a better future.

The students in this country have had enough of gun violence. And now they’re doing something about it.

On Wednesday, student protests took place in thousands of schools in all 50 states. #NationalWalkoutDay marked one month since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day that left 17 kids and teachers dead.

The nationally organized walk-out comes just 10 days before the march on Washington planned by the Stoneman Douglas students. Hundreds of thousands of students are expected in the capital the weekend after next to demand common sense gun control.

The Washington Post reports,

““We want our Congress to know that some of us will be old enough to vote in the midterm elections, and the rest of us are going to be able to vote in 2020 or 2022, and they’re going to lose their job if they don’t do what we want to keep us safe,” said Fatima Younis, a student organizer with Women’s March Youth Empower, one of the lead coordinators of Wednesday’s walkouts. The group is demanding lawmakers increase the age for people to purchase weapons, ban assault-style weapons and demilitarize police forces.”

Along with the walk-out, students all across the nation observed 17 minutes of silence, to mark each of the deaths at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Here are some of the amazing images that came out of Wednesday’s protest. Well done kids!

Even elementary school kids participated.

This high school in Atlanta banned the students from walking out. So the kids took a knee in the hallway to protest.

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