Colorado Democrat Switches Parties Before Being Expelled So That GOP Could Choose His Replacement

This asshole was expelled from the Colorado House because of sexual misconduct. But, right before he got thrown out, he switched parties – which means that he will be replaced by the GOP.

The Denver Post reported,

“Colorado Republicans said Friday that they will choose a replacement for former state Rep. Steve Lebsock, who last week switched his party affiliation to the GOP just before he was expelled from the House of Representatives over sexual harassment accusations.”

Lebsock was ousted by a bipartisan vote of 52-9. But this decision has done anything but bring the two parties closer together.

The Lebsock expulsion left the Republicans with two options. They could either convene a vacancy committee or they could leave the appointment to the Governor.

“After careful consideration, we concluded it would be dereliction of duty to punt the appointment to … Hickenlooper,” Colorado Republican Party Chairman Jeff Hays said in a written statement. “We owe it to the people of House District 34 to give them the experience of ethical representation, which the Democrats, when they controlled the seat, signally failed to provide.”

The Republicans say that one reason they decided not to leave the appointment up to the Governor is that the Democrats initially hid the information about Lebsock’s behavior.

“Without the cover-up, it’s highly unlikely the Democratic nominee, Lebsock, would have won re-election in November 2016. If voters had known what Democratic leadership knew, they would have roundly rejected Lebsock,” Hays said. “We won’t reward the Democrats’ bad behavior by allowing them to choose the replacement for a representative who won his seat in November 2016 only thanks to their cover-up.”

The Democratic House Speaker says that, initially, they decided to deal with the Lebsock problem internally. But, by November, the Dems went public with the information because by then there had been multiple accusations. The Speaker says that if she had known the breadth of the complaints against Lebsock that she would’ve done things differently.

On Friday afternoon, Democratic Party Chairwoman Morgan Carroll sent out a statement of her own. She basically called the Republicans hypocrites because they haven’t dealt with three Republicans who also have sexual misconduct accusations against them.

“Democrats took action to expel Steve Lebsock because it was the right thing to do, regardless of the political consequences,” Carroll said. “Lebsock has now found his natural home in a political party that protects sexual predators instead of holding them accountable.”

“This seat does not belong to either political party,” she added. “It belongs to the voters, who will have the ultimate say in November.”

The only saving grace of the bullshit move that Lebsock made when he changed parties is that it will not affect the Democratic majority in the Colorado House. And Democrats say that no matter who the Republicans put in that seat right now, they are confident that they will take that seat back in the November election.

The GOP must fill Lebsock’s vacant seat by April 1.

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