Disgusting GOP Candidate Attacks Parkland High School Massacre Survivors


This despicable Republican candidate for a Maine House seat is attacking the Parkland kids, calling some of them, “moron,” “bald-faced liar,” and “skinhead lesbian.” And right now he’s running unopposed.

On Tuesday, GOP candidate Leslie Gibson was forced to apologize after he attacked several of the Parkland students who survived the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Gibson is running unopposed for the Maine House 57th District.

After major backlash, he deleted his tweets bashing the students and apologized to 18-year-old Emma Gonzalez, who identifies as bisexual, for calling her a “skinhead lesbian.”

“I would like to extend to you my most sincere apology for how I addressed you. It was wrong and unacceptable,” Gibson said in a tweet. “You are doing work that is important to you. I would like to extend my hand in friendship and understanding to you.”

Gibson didn’t however, apologize for calling 17-year-old David Hogg a “moron” and a “bald-faced liar.”

The hateful Republican apparently got triggered when he saw a Hill article claiming that Emma Gonzalez now has more Twitter followers than the NRA. Gibson is a lifetime NRA member. He’s also an asshole.

“There is nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing that she has to say unless you’re a frothing at the mouth moonbat,” he wrote.

The Huffington Post reports,

“In another tweet, Gibson claimed Gonzalez should not be called a “survivor” because she was “in a completely different part of the school” during the shooting. Gibson also called Hogg a “moron” and accused him of lying after the student said NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch “owns” members of Congress.

“Hogg doesn’t get a pass when he blatantly lies,” Gibson tweeted.”

After all of the backlash Gibson deleted the hateful tweets and he changed his personal and campaign Twitter accounts to private.

The Democrats have until Thursday to come up with a candidate to run against this asshole. And the filing deadline for Independent candidates is June 1.

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