Donald Trump Tries To Play Marriage Counselor For Don, Jr. And Vanessa

He played being a marriage counselor the same way he plays being president. And it turns out he’s equally awful at both.

On Friday, the New York Daily News reported that Donald Trump, who’s somewhat of an expert at divorce, decided to counsel his son and his wife about their failing 12-year marriage.

According to a source close to the family, “The President tried to intervene with Vanessa. He’s personally upset … Donald Trump failed as (a) marriage counselor.”

Trump has been aware of the trouble in his son’s marriage since at least New Year’s Eve, when the couple was last seen at a public outing for Don Jr.’s birthday at Mar-a-lago. Between that night and last Thursday’s announcement that the couple was divorcing, Trump has been trying to get them back together. Clearly he failed.

And so now the White House is paranoid about what a bitter Vanessa will have to say to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. They are especially worried about what she will say about the now infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

“The Mueller thing didn’t help,” one family insider told the Daily News. “They don’t need people (gossiping) about what she knows or doesn’t know about Russia.”

The source also says that friends of the family are all talking about the fortuitous timing of the divorce for Vanessa and her potential divorce settlement.

“Would you want a spurned wife who feels like she’s been cheated talking about you to investigators?” the source asked.

Vanessa has been complaining that Don Jr. hasn’t been around enough to help her raise the couple’s five children. The strain in the marriage came to head in February, when a menacing letter containing suspicious white powder arrived at Vanessa’s mom’s home.

Vanessa opened the letter and was then hospitalized for nausea. The powder was later determined to be harmless.

Don, Jr. has not been concerned at all with leaving his wife alone with the kids all the time. He is following in his dad’s footsteps and leaving the raising of his children up to his wife. And, just like his dad, he will now be divorced because of it.

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