Former Trump Aide Gives Jaw-Dropping Interview To MSNBC, Dares Mueller To Arrest Him On Live TV -VIDEO

This interview is absolutely stunning. Sam Nunberg is refusing to comply with a subpoena from Robert Mueller to appear before a grand jury. “Let him arrest me.”

Donald Trump’s former campaign aide, Sam Nunberg, gave a jaw-dropping interview on Monday to MSNBC’s Katie Tur. He told her that he has no intention of complying with a subpoena from Mueller to testify before a grand jury on Friday.

Nunberg told the Washington Post that he is planning to go on Bloomberg TV and rip up the subpoena live on air, against the advice of his attorney. He virtually did that on his call-in interview with Tur.

Nunberg advised Trump for years, but he was fired from the Trump campaign in August of 2015. Now, he frequently speaks out against Trump saying that he was treated like “crap” by the president. Nunberg is extremely close to Roger Stone, however. And it may be more Stone that he is trying to protect than Trump.

In the interview with Tur, Nunberg says that Mueller probably has something on Trump because it is very likely that Trump did something nefarious during the campaign. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Monday, Nunberg said that Carter Page definitely colluded with the Russians during the Trump campaign.

TUR: “Do you think that they have something on the president?”

NUNBERG: “I think they may. I think that he may have done something during the election. But I don’t know that for sure.”

TUR: “Why do you think that?”

NUNBERG: “I can’t explain that unless you were in there.”

TUR: “Explain the atmosphere.”

NUNBERG: “Uh, the way they ask questions about anything I heard after I was fired from the campaign, to the general election, to even November 1 — it insinuated to me that he may have done something.”

Nunberg seems to be either drunk or bat-shit-crazy. But either way he spent much of the day on Monday doing live television call-in interviews. He’s just daring Mueller to arrest him.

He told Tur,

“Let’s see what Mr. Mueller does. I think it would be funny if they arrested me. I think it would be really, really funny if they wanted to arrest me because I don’t want to spend 80 hours going over emails I had with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.”

I have a funny feeling that Sam Nunberg is about to learn the hard way that Robert Mueller is not playing.


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