Kate McKinnon Kills It This Week On Saturday Night Live Playing Jeff Sessions And Betsy DeVos -VIDEO

SNL‘s Kate McKinnon played both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Saturday night. And she was brilliant at both!

Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t do?

This weekend on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon played double duty with her roles as Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos.

In the show’s Cold Open, Alex Moffit played CNN’s Anderson Cooper. And he interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, played by McKinnon, about the firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

“Mr. McCabe was in clear violation because of his lack of candor, I don’t know, I can’t even dance around,” McKinnon’s Sessions said.

“Trump made me do it. McCabe, he saw too much.”

When pressed about the firing, [McKinnon] Sessions said,

“I’m always down to clown, but this was sneaky, even for me. I’m just a simple man who wanted to make things bad for immigrants and now, here I am, taking away the pension of a Christian white.”

Later in the show Kate McKinnon played Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

McKinnon’s DeVos made an appearance on the show’s Weekend Update to talk about her disastrous interview on 60 Minutes last week.

“I think the problem is that the words that were coming out of my mouth were bad and that is because they came from my brain,” DeVos explained.

Anchor Colin Jost asked about her views on public education. She replied,

I don’t like to think of things in terms of school. It should be up to the states.”

“In Wyoming, for example, which has many potential grizzlies, there should be a school for bears. And in Louisiana, crocodile crossing guards.”

When Jost asked her why she is the cabinet member who provokes the most protest DeVos said, “I think it’s because I do not do a good job and I can’t because I don’t know how.”


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