The Ladies Of The View Skewer Geraldo Rivera After He Tries To Defend Jared Kushner -VIDEO

Geraldo Rivera went on The View Friday to try to defend Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. But the ladies weren’t having it.

On Friday morning Trump’s buddy and Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera appeared on ABC’s The View to try to defend the corrupt behavior of the president and Jared Kushner. And it didn’t go well.

Co-host Joy Behar brought up accusations made by Bette Midler that Geraldo had groped her before an interview in the 1970s. Geraldo tried to dismiss the whole thing calling the Me Too movement a “hysteria” movement.

Behar told him that he should take a page from Trump and just “deny, deny, deny.”

“I also want to say about the president, I believe the president is a good-hearted person,” Geraldo replied. “I don’t believe the person is a racist. I don’t believe the president wants the worst for the country. I really—I think that he’s a conservative, and Meghan [McCain], if you examined his policies—“

“He’s conservative now,” Behar jumped in, adding, “he’s in chaos all the time.”

When Geraldo tried to say that there’s no chaos in the White House the show’s conservative co-host Meghan McCain stopped him.

“He just ousted his 8th official,” McCain said. “You paid a trip to the White House to visit Ivanka and Jared and you posted this tweet saying they work in a nest of snitches, vipers and rats—aka—the West Wing. What made you say that?”

Geraldo told her that under Steve Bannon there were many “stinkers” in the White House.

Then Geraldo tried to defend Ivanka and Jared. “Ivanka and Jared—take these young people working for no salary—they’re worth $1 billion,” he said.

“Aww, breaks my heart,” Behar joked.

“They’re in over their head, Geraldo,” she said. “Come on.”

“I disagree,” Geraldo said.

“You disagree they’re over their head?!” co-host Sunny Hostin shot back. “What experience do they have? What experience does Jared Kushner have to solve the Middle East crises?”

“I have covered the Middle East since the war of 1973,” Geraldo replied. “I have watched every professional diplomat go in there and get chopped and the situation is worse now—“

“And Jared is the answer, Geraldo?” Joy demanded.

“I think he is as qualified to have a dialogue as anybody else!” he answered.

“Ay, Dios mío, Geraldo, come on!” Hostin said.


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