NRA Stooge Rep. Matt Gaetz Gets Destroyed By Joy Reid In Debate Over Arming Teachers -VIDEO

Rep. Matt Gaetz is one of the most obnoxious and bat-shit-crazy Republicans in the House. But Joy Reid don’t play. This Trump-loving NRA stooge didn’t stand a chance with her.

On Sunday morning, MSNBC’s Joy Reid had Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz on her show AM Joy. To say it didn’t go well for him would be a major understatement.

Matt Gaetz is a huge supporter of Donald Trump. He’s also beholden to the NRA. So it should come as no surprise that he is all in for Trump’s insane idea of arming America’s teachers.

Gaetz tried to defend his bat-shit-crazy position on guns by saying that his district is pro-NRA. Joy asked him how many NRA members lived in the state of Florida. Gaetz told her a million. But, as he did throughout the interview, he was lying. Joy informed him that the true number of Floridian NRA members is 300,000.

Then Reid asked, “How many people live in Florida ?”

“20 million,” the Congressman answered.

“So 300,000 people in Florida are ruling over and making laws for 20 million people,” Joy shot back.

Scrambling, Gaetz replied, “It’s not just the membership of the NRA. There’s countless people beyond dues-paying members of the NRA who support the NRA.”

In the second half of the interview, Reid asked Gaetz if he’d ever been shot at.

Gaetz told her that he had not.

Then Joy told the Congressman,

“You’ve never been in a situation where somebody is shooting at you but you’re interpreting in your expertise, as somebody who has never been in law enforcement and never had anyone shoot at you, that a teacher should be equipped to fire back at a mass shooter who is prepared to die, who has acquired a weapon that is just below an M-16.”

At several points in the interview, Gaetz had serious meltdowns. It was clear that he was no match for Joy. This was just embarrassing. He completely humiliated himself. Gaetz just learned the hard way that Joy Reid don’t play.

Watch Part I:

And Part II was even crazier:

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