Republican CNN Pundit Destroys Trump Supporter After He Tells Her To ‘Get Over It’ -VIDEO

CNN commentator Paris Dennard tried desperately to defend Donald Trump’s behavior following his unhinged rally on Saturday. But he got absolutely destroyed by another Republican pundit after he told her, “Trump won. Get over it!”

Watching Trump surrogates bend over backward to defend Trump’s indefensible behavior is so irritating. But I feel so much better when I see someone call them on their bullshit and show them for the hacks they are – especially when it’s done by another Republican.

On Sunday, CNN host Fredricka Whitfield had two Republicans on her show to talk about Trump’s unhinged campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. One of the Republicans, Paris Dennard, is a loyal Trump supporter who apparently will defend Trump no matter what he does. The other Republican, Tara Setmayer, is no fan of the president’s. But unlike Dennard, she came prepared to drop truth bombs.

About Trump’s insane idea to execute drug dealers Setmayer said,

“This is a terrible idea. The fact that the president of the United States would even entertain the examples of a totalitarian country like China or the Philippines, where their president is engaged in extra-judicial killings as something that we should consider here in the U.S.”

“It just gives you an insight into where his mind is,” she continued. “And this adulation for strongmen, which should concern every American. I figure I’m not alone. When I watched that rally last night, my stomach was in knots. There were so many things that this president did during that rally that were stomach turning for me as an American watching these democratic norms and ideals and where common decency is no longer currency anymore, no longer something to be expected of the president of the United States.”

Setmayer added,

“Watching these people clapping for a president behaving that way, it concerns me. And I think we as a country need to take a look at what’s going on here. It’s seems like rhetoric is more in control of what reality is coming from Donald Trump and his supporters, as opposed to what’s truthful, what’s factual. Those are casualties under this president.”

During the interview Whitfield played several clips of Trump outright lying at the rally. One of the things he lied about was the women’s vote. Trump claimed that he won with the women over Hillary Clinton with a 52% margin. As Whitfield pointed out, that is a lie. Hillary got 54% of the overall female vote. Trump did win with white women, but that’s not what he said at his rally.

When presented with this lie, Dennard insisted that Trump told the truth. He totally dismissed the actual polling on Donald Trump and tried to say instead that Trump is great for women because so many of them serve in the White House.

“You can focus on the negative,” Dennard told Setmayer. “But the voters and the American people who are outside the bubble, outside of the beltway and outside of the punditry of people like Tara Setmayer understand what this president is doing and they appreciate it and they support it. And I’m going to stand with the voters rather than standing with somebody who’s coming on shows and trying to pick and choose what the president is or is not saying.”

“He won the Electoral College vote and he’s the president! Get over it!” Dennard shouted when Setmayer tried to respond. “He won! That’s how we work!”

Setmayer quickly shot back,

“This kind of petulant, ‘Get over it, he won, oh my gosh,’” Setmayer said. “That attitude right there is why so many people feel that what Donald Trump has created in this country is bigger than just, ‘Oh, he won and you didn’t so get over it.’ It’s nothing to do with that.”

“If Barack Obama did a fraction of what Donald Trump did last night just at that rally alone, you, Paris Dennard, would be on here going off,” she insisted. “So I don’t want to hear it, you castigating those of us who call the president of the United States out for being a liar and being dishonest and acting like a child from the podium when he’s supposed to be president of the United States. It’s nothing to do about who won or who lost.”

This is exactly what we need more of, sane Republicans speaking out. Well done, Tara Setmayer!

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