Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Got Inside Info From the House Intel Investigation

Somehow, testimony from a closed-door session of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia probe got into the hands of Trump’s lawyer.

On Tuesday, the Daily Beast reported that someone on the House Intelligence Committee is leaking important information about the Russia investigation to Donald Trump through his lawyer Michael Cohen.

On December 19, a former staffer for John McCain, David Kramer, testified in a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation. Kramer played a part in bringing the Christopher Steele dossier to the FBI. And members on the committee grilled him about it.

“Then something unusual happened. Word of Kramer’s testimony got out- to the lawyer of another witness.”

The Daily Beast reports,

“A few days after Kramer’s testimony, his lawyer, Larry Robbins, got a strange call. The call was from Stephen Ryan, a lawyer who represents Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen is facing scrutiny from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and congressional investigators regarding potential coordination between Trump’s team and the Kremlin. He featured prominently in the Steele dossier—the document that Kramer handled—and is currently suing Buzzfeed for publishing it.”

Cohen’s lawyer, Ryan, told Robbins that he was reaching out to him because someone on the House committee informed him that Robbins’ client (Kramer) had information about the Steele dossier that could help Cohen.

Robbins refused to help. Then Ryan asked him not to tell the House Intel Committee about their conversation.

But Robbins told the committee anyway.

Back in February, CNN reported that Robbins had written a letter to the committee complaining about leaks to another client’s lawyer. The Daily Beast now says that the letter was referring to Ryan and Cohen.

“Michael Cohen is both the president’s longtime personal attorney and one of his most unflagging loyal admirers. He has a history of using every trick in the book—from intimidation to hush-money—to keep negative stories about Trump from coming to light, as The New York Times detailed last month. Cohen personally paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her commitment not to discuss an affair she allegedly had with Trump. According to the Wall Street Journal, the future president did not reimburse Cohen for his efforts.”

This isn’t the first time that Republicans on this committee have been accused of leaking. Just last week both the top Republican and the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee went to Paul Ryan to complain about the leaking of Senator Warner’s text messages to Fox News.

Devin Nunes was forced to recuse himself from the House Intel Russia investigation because of a stunt he pulled last March, trying to cover for Trump. Nunes took information that he got from the White House to the press and lied about unmasking. It was a disaster for Nunes. But we learned then that he cannot be trusted because he is willing to do anything to protect Donald Trump.

It is also widely believed that Nunes worked with the White House on his joke of a memo.

My guess is that it is Nunes, again, who leaked Kramer’s testimony to Trump’s lawyer.

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