Twitter Hilariously Baits Trump With #TriggerTrumpIn4Words

Do these people know Donald Trump or what?

Over the weekend, Twitter users had some fun mocking and baiting Donald Trump with the hashtag game #TriggerTrumpIn4Words.

On Saturday, Conservatives were pushing the hashtag #TriggerLiberalsIn4Words. So former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara, who was fired by Trump, suggested a much better game by replacing Liberals with Trump. And the results were perfect…and hilarious.

Hillary Clinton warned us during the campaign that a man who could be so easily baited with a simple tweet should not be the President of the United States of America. And she was right.

We have watched President Pussygrabber get triggered by a tweet more times than I can count. Just over the weekend, he lost his mind because Alec Baldwin made a comment about it being agony to impersonate him. So Trump lashed out on Twitter, attacking the actor.

We have seen Trump do this over and over again. People now know the pattern. They know how easy it is to get this president and his fragile ego riled up.

That’s what makes #TriggerTrumpIn4Words so funny. It’s easy to antagonize this unstable man-baby. And these tweets are true. Every one of these is enough to send Trump over the edge.

Well done Twitter!

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