Bill Maher Just Hammers Geraldo Rivera Over His Support Of Trump -VIDEO

Bill Maher interviewed Geraldo Rivera on Friday night. And it didn’t go well for Geraldo. Maher just hammered him over his loyalty to Donald Trump.

On Friday night, Geraldo Rivera appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. He’s peddling a new book. But Maher grilled him about his inexplicable support of Donald Trump.

After his tacky reality TV show and his work on Fox News, Geraldo has become somewhat of a joke. But, believe it or not, he actually used to be a legit reporter. In the 1970s Geraldo received a Peabody Award for his work exposing the abuse of disabled people at Willowbrook State School in Staten Island.

But his craziness on Fox and his blind loyalty to Trump certainly aren’t going to win him anymore awards.

Maher asked Geraldo right up front,

“You were one of the original crusading reporters and you care very much about your legacy being as a journalist, so I do have to ask: Why Fox News?”

“That’s a fair question. I think your characterization of Fox is a stereotype,” Geraldo answered, adding, “It’s easy, because Sean Hannity, for instance, is such a big personality, to say that he represents the sum total of Fox, but I think that, with due respect, there are more voices, it’s not state-run TV, it’s conservative-leaning.”

The audience responded laughing and booing. The weren’t buying the crap Geraldo was trying to sell.


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