Bill Maher Talks To Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer About Trump’s Massive Legal Trouble -VIDEO

Friday night Stormy Daniels’ lawyer gave a great interview to Bill Maher on HBO. Michael Avenatti is quickly becoming my hero.

On Friday night, Michael Avenatti appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher to talk about Donald Trump’s growing legal problems. And he gave another great interview that would’ve made Trump’s head explode. Sean Hannity can’t be too thrilled with it either.

“Here’s what I think: I think that when the documents actually come out, and there are documents — there’s no question in my mind, there are documents with Sean Hannity’s name on them — the extent of that relationship, I think, will be very embarrassing to Sean Hannity,” Avenatti told Maher.

But he saved most of his fire for Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

“I think that Michael Cohen knows where almost all the bodies are buried, and I think that he’s going to sing like a canary,” Avenatti said. “I know he’s going to fold, because here’s the problem, when you have a fixer, you need two things at least: you need a guy who is tough, and you need a guy that is smart. This guy is neither tough nor smart. I think he’s a zero.”

He added,

“Ultimately, the American people will learn that the basis for the warrants was the fact that the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office had reason to believe that Michael Cohen was undertaking efforts to destroy documents. I think that’s what’s going to come out.”


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