Fox’s Shep Smith Busts Trump’s Lies About Amazon: ‘None Of That Was True’ -VIDEO

There’s at least one sane person working at Fox News. Shep Smith is fact-checking Trump’s claims about Amazon. And he found that Trump is lying. It’s not a shock that Trump is lying again. But it is a shock that they’re pointing out the lie on Fox.

Donald Trump has been repeating a lie that Amazon is hurting the U.S. Post Office. And, on Tuesday, that lie was exposed on Fox News.

Trump told White House reporters on Tuesday,

“The Post Office is losing billions of dollars, and the taxpayers are paying for that money because it delivers packages for Amazon at a very below cost.”

“That’s not fair to the United States, and it’s not fair to out taxpayers, and Amazon has the money to pay the fair rate at the Post Office,” he continued.

He also said that the Post Office “loses $1.47 on every package” that it delivers for Amazon.

So Shep Smith responded point by point to Trump’s claims.

“The Postal Service’s own numbers show it makes money by delivering packages for Amazon and other companies. As for taxpayers, the Post Office’s own website points out, and I quote, ‘The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses.’ None,” Smith said.

He continued,

“And a reference to that $1.47 the president came up with there? A Citigroup study last year showed on average that the Postal Service was charging a $1.46 below market rates for package delivery, but our researchers point out if that discount exists, it’s not just for Amazon, it’s a bulk-rate discount.”

Then Smith told White House correspondent, John Roberts,

“There is a great deal of confusion, or something, here regarding Amazon and the Post Office because none of that, none of that was true.”

Since Trump started on this attack on Amazon and the Post Office, Amazon has lost more than $50 Billion in market value.


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