Great News! Girl Scout Troop Comprised Entirely Of Homeless Kids Holding Their 1st Cookie Sale

We are bombarded with so much bad news these days. I love stories that put a smile on my face, and this is one of them. While it’s incredibly sad that these kids are homeless. It’s wonderful that they can still participate in Girl Scouts.

On Wednesday, ABC7 in New York reported that the country’s first homeless shelter-based Girl Scout troop is selling cookies for the first time. They have set a goal to sell 6,000 boxes of cookies. Something tells me that they will far surpass that goal.

All of the young girls in Troop 6000 are living in homeless shelters. But that’s not stopping them. They have set up an exclusive cookie stand inside Kellogg’s NYC, which is a cereal cafe located on East 17th Street in Union Square. The girls will be there selling cookies every day from 4-6 pm until Friday.

Meredith Maskara of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York said,

“The biggest impact that we see and when you talk to the girls you’ll hear them say, is that they belong to something, they have a sisterhood within the other Girl Scouts. They talk to other girls who may be in their same situation who feel alone, and they feel like they have a stronger sense of community and belonging overall.”

This Girl Scout troop was created in March 2017 thanks to a partnership between the Girl Scouts of Greater New York and New York’s Department of Homeless Services.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio invested more than a million dollars to expand Troop 6000 last year to include another 500 homeless girls and women. Because of this investment, the troop will expand from one location to 15 additional shelters across New York City.

I’m just wondering now if I can get some Thin Mints shipped to Atlanta.


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