John Oliver Shreds Scott Pruitt: ‘Even Mickey Mouse Would Tell Pruitt To Go F*ck Himself’ -VIDEO

HBO’s John Oliver absolutely shredded Scott Pruitt Sunday night. And it was both disturbing and hilarious.

On Sunday night, John Oliver talked about EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

Oliver hammered the EPA head for taking his security detail to Disneyland saying that even Mickey Mouse would tell Pruitt to “go fuck himself.”

“I’m a little torn on this one,” Oliver said, “because on the one hand that does seem wasteful. But on the other hand, if anyone needs security at Disneyland, it’s Scott Pruitt – a man who even Mickey and Minnie Mouse would tell to go fuck himself.”

Then slamming Pruitt’s views on climate change, Oliver said, “Space Mountain’s going to be underwater in ten years, you son of a bitch!”

Among Pruitt’s many ethical problems, the AP reported on Saturday that he has already spent over $3 million on his 20-person 24-hour security. He says he needs that kind of security because he has received many death threats. But, over the weekend, BuzzFeed reported that they were told by the EPA that there was no proof of these death threats.

Oliver also brought up Pruitt’s disastrous interview on Fox TV last week. After playing a clip of Pruitt trying to answer Ed Henry’s tough questions Oliver said,

“OK, first, that is clearly not the Fox News tone that Pruitt was expecting. Because that is the face of a man who thought he was walking into an Applebees and ended up in an apple full of bees.”


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