Jordan Peele Makes Obama Say ‘Trump Is A Total And Complete Dipshit’ In Great New PSA -VIDEO

In this great new PSA, Jordan Peele uses President Obama and AI to warn people about fake news.

In this funny new video, it appears that Barack Obama says a handful of shocking things in the name of fake news. But eventually it is revealed that the voice of Obama is actually comedian Jordan Peele doing his famous Obama impersonation.

The video is a new effort by Peele and his brother-in-law and BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti. The point of the video is to show how easily people can be fooled by fake videos using new technology. BuzzFeed producer Jared Sosa did the technological wizardry in this new video. And Peele wrote the script and did the voice.

Fake videos that have been altered like this one are far too prevalent on the internet and social media. Which is why we must examine things closely; If something seems way too good – or way too crazy – it requires some extra effort to assure authenticity. Before you share it, check the source.

The problem these days is that, thanks to Trump and his Republican enablers, we are getting steady doses of crazy every single day.

So, while I would love to hear Obama really say, “President Trump is a total and complete dipshit,” it is highly doubtful that Obama would actually say it… at least not on camera.


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