This Is The Video You Need To See If You’re Suffering From Trump-Induced Anxiety -VIDEO

Trump’s constant lying and blatant corruption is driving me insane. I’m having one of those days that I just can’t deal with another word from the fat orange buffoon. But I found something that made me laugh out loud. This hilarious video is exactly what I needed today.

I can’t take it today. Donald Trump is driving me insane. He’s been even more delusional than normal the past few days. His crazy tweets and unhinged press conference today have left me yelling variations of the F-word at my TV.

I mean, nearly every word out of his mouth this week has been a lie. He’s lying about stopping the caravan of immigrants in Mexico. He’s lying that he’s the toughest on Russia. He’s lying about Amazon and the Post Office. He’s lying that he’s been found innocent of collusion. He’s lying about putting troops on the border. He’s lying about Obama being a “cheater.”

It’s all bullshit!

Fortunately for me, today one of my readers sent me this hilarious video which definitely made me feel better. Maybe I’m laughing to keep from crying. But in these very dark days of the Trump nightmare, I’ll take all the laughs I can get.

The video is a fake ad for a new medication called “Impeachara” to help people deal with Trump stress.

The official website for Impeachara says,

“Do you find yourself feeling depressed? Hopeless? Having trouble sleeping? Struggling with frequent panic attacks… irritability… constant arguments with family, friends… or friends of friends on Facebook …yelling at your phone or computer screen… and the constant urge to pull out your hair? If any of these sound familiar you may be suffering from T.I.A.D. (Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder). Impeachara┬« is a prescription medication that may help alleviate many symptoms of T.I.A.D.”

If Trump is making you crazy too, check out this video by Sam Friedlander. Hope it puts a smile back on your face. ­čÖé

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