Major Republican Donor Using Tax-Cut Money To Fight Trump And Elect Democrats

This billionaire GOP donor is so disgusted with Trump that he’s now spending money to elect Democrats and fight Trump’s agenda.

Boston hedge fund billionaire Seth Klarman gave Republican candidates and political committees over $7 million during the Obama administration. But now he is so disgusted with Donald Trump and the Republicans who are enabling him, that he’s backing the Dems.

Klarman told the Boston Globe,

“I received a tax cut I neither need nor want.”

“I’m choosing to invest it to fight the administration’s flawed policies and to elect Democrats to the Senate and House of Representatives.”

The Republican donor said that he is not only upset with Trump. He’s also had it with the Republicans in Congress who are refusing to hold Trump accountable. Klarman┬ábelieves that the Republicans have “abandoned their historic beliefs and values.”

“For the good of the country, the Democrats must take back one or both houses of Congress,” the donor┬ásaid.

The Globe reports that Klarman has already given money to 78 different Democrats running for Congress since the 2016 election. Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff are two of the democrats receiving money from Klarman.

He has also given money to several non-profits dealing with the environment and gun control.

According to Reuters: last year at an investment conference, Klarman called Trump a “threat to democracy.” During the 2016 presidential campaign he supported Clinton, calling Trump “shockingly unacceptable.”


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