Scott Pruitt Tries To Defend Himself On Fox And Fails Miserably -VIDEO

I will be shocked if Pruitt isn’t fired tomorrow after this interview.

On Wednesday night, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt gave a disastrous interview to Fox News’ Ed Henry. Pruitt appeared on the network because he wanted to defend himself in the wake of multiple scandals. But this interview just might end up being the final nail in his coffin.

One of the scandals surrounding Pruitt involves pay raises that he gave a couple of his aides after the White House refused to allow it. When Henry asked him about it, Pruitt said, “My staff and I found out about it yesterday and I changed it.” Then he said he didn’t even know who was responsible for the raises.

“You don’t know? You run the agency. You don’t know who did it?” Henry asked.

“I found out this yesterday and I corrected the action and we are in the process of finding out how it took place and correcting it,” Pruitt answered.

Henry pointed out the fact that the aides who received the raises were personal friends of Pruitt. The EPA head defensively shot back, “Well, they serve a very important person.”

“And you did not know that they got these large pay raises?” Henry pressed.

“I did not know that they got pay raises until yesterday.”

And it’s not just that Pruitt gave a horrible interview. It’s also the way that Fox, of all networks, is covering it. Like I said, I’ll be shocked if he’s not fired now.


Here’s the full cringeworthy interview:

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