The Trump Administration Is Not Telling The Truth About The Expelled Russian Diplomats


The Trump administration made a big deal last week about expelling 60 Russian diplomats following the chemical weapon attack in the UK. But there’s one big loophole that they conveniently aren’t telling the American people about this move.

The truth is that at any time Russia can replace those 60 Russian diplomats/spies. But Trump isn’t talking about that pesky fact.

Following the nerve agent poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil, the U.S. joined several other countries in expelling Russian diplomats. Under great pressure from our allies around the world, the Trump administration was pushed to throw 60 Russians out of the country and close Russia’s diplomatic compound in Seattle.

Trump surrogates have been using this expulsion as proof that Trump really is being tough on Russia. But it’s just another con from this administration.

Last week Russian state TV reported that Russia could replace those 60 diplomats at any time. And now our own State Department is confirming that fact.

USA Today’s Oren Dorell reported on Twitter on Friday that the State Department said that Trump’s expulsion of Russian spies does not require Russia to reduce its number of diplomats in the country.

SFGate reports,

“The revelation initially gained traction in Russian state media, which said an anonymous senior White House staffer told the Russian government that it could send new diplomats to take the place of those who had been expelled. The Russian state media outlet Vesti quoted the official as saying, “The doors are open.””

So, no, Trump is not suddenly getting tough on Russia. The whole expulsion of 60 spies was just a big hollow show. A move that Trump hasn’t even mentioned. In fact, he’s been telling his staff NOT to publicly talk about any move against Russia because it may anger Putin.

Once again, Trump is lying to the American people. He’s lying to the entire world.

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