Twitter Users Thoroughly Reject Trump With #OldThingsIWantBack

These tweets are really giving me the feels.

It feels like it’s been a lifetime since Barack and Michelle Obama were in the White House. Oh, what I would give to go back to those good old days.

But instead, we are stuck living here in the twilight zone with daily scandals, pathological lying, corruption, Russian collusion, pee tapes, and porn stars. I have been outraged since the election. And it’s exhausting.

But this week I found something that made me a feel a little better. A new Twitter hashtag game this week called #OldThingsIWantBack was exactly what I needed.

The vast majority of the tweets following the hashtag were talking about things we all had before Trump won the presidency. And a whole lot of them were about Obama.

It’s nice to think about life before the Trump nightmare. I really want all of these things back too. Thanks Twitter.

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