Watch What Hypocrite Jeanine Pirro Had To Say Before Trump Won The Election -VIDEO

Judge Jeanine Pirro is Donald Trump’s favorite Fox TV host. But look what she said before the election about a president under FBI investigation. She sure is singing a different tune now.

We found out this week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has told Trump’s lawyers that the president is the subject of a criminal investigation but not the target, as of now. Trump inexplicably celebrated this news. But, whether or not he can see reality through his delusions, Trump is in a lot of trouble.

If only someone had warned us how bad it would be for the country if we elected someone under criminal investigation.

Oh, wait. Someone did. Judge Jeanine had a stern warning for the country shortly before the election.

“We cannot have a country led by a president subject to ongoing criminal investigations, potential indictments, and never-ending hearings,” Pirro said. “We cannot have a president under that level of scrutiny that inevitably leads to more questions and more investigations.”

She continued,

“And irrespective of what happens to her, whether she’s indicted or even guilty, it doesn’t matter. Her guilt is a moot point. She cannot take the Oval Office.”

OK, so Pirro was adamant that we not have a president under investigation. At the time, she was talking about Hillary. But her words have a whole new meaning now that we have an actual criminal in the White House.

“Now in any other business when the head of a corporation is plagued by scandal, that person steps down and is replaced. Because the board knows that a business cannot succeed without respect and authority,” Pirro continued.

“How do you think the world is going to look at the United States when a woman under federal criminal investigation, who’s lied repeatedly to the American people, is elected?? Do you think they’ll take her at her word?”

That’s what she said before the election. Now she sings Trump’s praises and defends his every despicable word and action. Apparently, an FBI criminal investigation of a sitting president no longer bothers her. There are a lot of hypocrites in the Republican Party and on Fox TV. But Judge Jeanine is the worst.

Watch how every word she says applies to Trump now:

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