Conan Reveals Some Of Melania’s Other Terrible Slogan Ideas -VIDEO

Melania Trump introduced her “Be Best” slogan this week. Conan O’Brien revealed a few of Melania’s other ideas that didn’t quite make the cut. And they were hilarious.

There are so many things that happen on a daily basis with the Trump administration that leave me absolutely furious. But at least there’s been plenty to laugh at too. And the late night comics have been having a ball.

This week, Melania Trump introduced her new signature program called “Be Best.” It’s not just that it’s a terrible slogan that makes no sense. It’s also an idea that seems ironic, considering that her husband is the biggest cyberbully in the country. She wants to help children stop bullying online. Has she even met her husband??

But as bad as the First Lady’s new slogan is, Conan O’Brien pointed out that it could’ve been much much worse.

The TBS host read through some of the rejected ideas (that he made up). He tried to keep them simple and nonsensical like Be Best. And they were hilarious.

I actually don’t hold Melania responsible for her husband’s atrocities. Of all the Trumps, I dislike her the least. But if I don’t find some things to laugh about with this nightmare family and administration I might go insane. So today, it’s Melania’s turn to be mocked. And truth be told, she earned this one.


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