Fox’s Napolitano Calls Out Rudy Giuliani And Trump, Their Claims Are ‘Unworthy Of Belief’ -VIDEO

You know things are starting to change when even Fox News is calling out the bullshit. Yes, Fox!

We’re not the only ones who have had enough of all the lies coming from Trump and this White House. Conservatives are finally starting to speak out about it too.

This week, a top conservative columnist at the Washington Post went after Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her constant lying. And Fox’s Neil Cavuto called out the president. And, also on Fox this week, Judge Napolitano called bullshit on the lies coming from Trump and Giuliani.

Andrew Napolitano is Fox’s senior judicial analyst, and he is usually a big defender of Trump. But the lies this week coming from the White House and Trump’s newest lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, were just too much for the former judge.

“If Rudy [Giuliani] wants the public to believe that Donald Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen $130,000 and didn’t know what it was for, didn’t know that it was going to silence Stormy Daniels, that is unworthy of belief,” Napolitano told Fox & Friends Thursday morning.

Napolitano said that it was tough to believe when he knows that Trump is a “man who knows where every one of his nickels has gone.”

There are cracks starting to form at Fox state-run TV. Trump will likely never lose the unwavering support of people like Sean Hannity. But it is encouraging that others at Fox and right-wing media are finally starting to call out the lies.


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