Fox’s Neil Cavuto Gets Shredded By Viewers After Telling The Truth About Trump’s Lies -VIDEO

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto called out Trump this week for his constant lying. On Friday he read viewer feedback. It was brutal. Apparently Fox viewers have a real problem with the truth.

On Thursday, Neil Cavuto did a pretty strong segment on Donald Trump’s lies. I applaud him for speaking out against the president. That is a very rare thing on Fox state-run TV. But as much as I appreciated Cavuto’s honesty, his viewers certainly didn’t.

On Friday, Cavuto read messages from his viewers who were absolutely outraged that he dared to speak out against Trump. It was kind of funny. But it was also very disturbing.

One of the messages said, “Neil you proved today that you are a leftist liberal and a moron. I will no longer listen to your show. Ciao!”

“You just lost millions of Trump supporters today with your little rant on your president today Neil,” another read. “Enjoy your low ratings!”

“We all know Trump isn’t perfect but damn. Way to pile on,” one viewer wrote. “Maybe we should go back and examine every word that comes out of your mouth.”

Cavuto seemed to take the criticism in stride. He laughed about how many of his angry viewers called him fat. But he also stood up for himself telling the truth.

“I’m not here to provide lessons, just facts. Just like I’ve always said, words matter, and yes, tweets matter,” Cavuto said. “All I’m saying is the president should be very careful calling anyone else being fake.”


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