Michael Avenatti Asks Trump Aide Point-Blank Whether Cohen Sold Access To Trump -VIDEO

Michael Avenatti asked former Trump aide Sam Nunberg if Michael Cohen was selling access to the president. Nunberg told him that Cohen was a “snake.”

This week, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber along with former Trump aide Sam Nunberg. And Avenatti wasn’t messing around. He asked Nunberg point-blank whether Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was selling access to the president.

“Obviously Michael [Cohen] was not asked to join the administration, did not go to Washington,” Avenatti said to Nunberg. “I mean, did he undertake any business dealings along the lines of selling access to the president? Did you get the impression that he was trying to put himself out there as a guy that could put people in touch with the president?”

Nunberg told him that he had limited contact with Cohen. Nunberg said that he was a “Bannon guy,” and he described Cohen as a “Jared Kushner guy.”

“Even though I like Michael a lot,” Nunberg said, “Michael is a very good snake when it comes to stuff like that. So he would sit there across from me pretending to be my best friend and then just report back to them.”

When Melber asked Nunberg what he meant by “snake” he answered, “Oh I mean it as a compliment. For instance he’ll sit there and then he’ll just report everything I tell him back to Jared Kushner.”

Then Nunberg said that he didn’t trust Cohen.


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