Teacher Of The Year Meets Trump Wearing Women’s March, Trans Rights Pins -VIDEO

The national Teacher of the Year just met Trump to receive her award. But she did it while majorly protesting against him.

On Wednesday, the Guardian reported that Mandy Manning wore several protest buttons pinned to her dress when she showed up at the White House to receive her Teacher of the Year award from Donald Trump.

According to reporters, one of the pins Manning wore was a photo of the Women’s March poster. Another pin read “Trans Equality Now.” And another was an apple with a rainbow flag.

The Guardian says that it was unclear whether or not Trump noticed the buttons. But he did seem to notice that she did not clap for him when he entered the room. She also refused to shake his hand.

Manning was awarded on Wednesday for her outstanding teaching at the “Newcomer Center” at Joel E. Ferris High School in Washington state. There she works with kids who are immigrants and refugees.

The protesting teacher brought Trump hand-written letters from her students. She also invited Trump to meet with them.

In Manning’s award application she said that many of her students came to this country seeking safety, but now they feel anything but safe.

She told CNN,

“My goal is to share my student stories. But to send a message, to not only immigrants and refugee students but the LGBT community, that they are wanted, they are loved, they are enough and they matter.”

Thank you Miss Manning for standing up for what’s right. You are an excellent example of what a teacher should be. And congratulations!

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