The Liberal Redneck Brilliantly…And Hilariously…Explains Trump’s Latest F*ck-Up With The Iran Deal -VIDEO

“Trump told Iran and many of our allies to go F themselves today because he hates Obama; and now, who knows, the world might end soon.”

The Liberal Redneck, who’s real name is Trae Crowder, is an internet sensation. He’s a redneck but he’s also very smart and informed about politics. Plus, he’s hilarious.

This week, our idiot in chief pulled out of the Iran nuke deal because he’s obsessed with destroying everything Obama accomplished. Trump doesn’t care that his actions are making things worse for the world. He doesn’t care that this makes us less safe. He only cares that he’s sticking it to Obama.

On Tuesday, the Liberal Redneck addressed this situation. And he was spot on.

Crowder points out that Trump has said,

“A: That it’s one of the worst deals that he’s ever seen without ever really saying why, other than just that he thinks so, in an approach that experts refer to as the pissed off memaw philosophy of governance. And B: That Iran wasn’t upholding their end of the deal anyway despite the fact that every other entity involved in the deal to date has said the exact opposite.”

He continues,

“And 3: He loves to hang his hat on the fact that the deal involves the U.S. sending $100 million to Iran. But what he never mentions is that those were frozen Iranian assets for the most part. It’s just them getting their own money back. And I know what you’re thinking. ‘Trae, you mean to tell me that Donald Trump was purposefully vague and duplicitous in describing the motivations behind the geopolitical decision with catastrophic ramifications on a global scale, due to the fact that the motivations were surrounding a petty and almost certainly racist distaste for his predecessor? That doesn’t sound like Donald Trump.’ I know. I know but it’s true. It’s what happened.”

Crowder says that some people will say that this is all just the game of politics. But he explains why this game is different.

“The difference now is that the motherfucker rolling the dice is a bloated narcissistic orange/thin-skinned man-child who’s never played the game before and don’t even know the f*cking rules. So you’ll excuse me if I’m a little worried that he might flip the goddamn table over.”

This video is seriously great. Watch:



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