Top Conservative Columnist At Washington Post Skewers Sarah Huckabee Sanders In Brutal Tweet Storm

We’re not the only ones totally fed up with the constant lies coming from Trump and the White House. Conservatives are getting sick of it too.

Jennifer Rubin is a popular conservative columnist at the Washington Post. And on Friday, she absolutely torched White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

For years, Rubin has been the head writer for the Post’s “Right Turn” blog. She apparently has finally reached her limit with the blatant lies coming from this White House.

This is no small thing that conservatives like Rubin are speaking out against the lying. On Thursday, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto also took Trump to task for his lies.

Rubin began her tweet storm on Friday morning saying, “In deliberately misleading or passing on misleading information, Sanders is not serving the American people. She is thwarting democratic government and enabling Trump’s attempts to free himself of investigations.”

All six of her morning tweets attacking Sanders were amazing. Here’s the others:

It’s doubtful that Trump will ever lose the blind support of people like Sean Hannity. But it is encouraging that there are some conservative voices in the media, like Rubin and Cavuto, who are finally speaking out against this constant lying.

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