Trump’s New Choice To Lead The CDC Will Make You Sick

It’s amazing how Trump always manages to pick the absolute worst people to work in his administration. He just did it again with his choice to lead the CDC.

Donald Trump’s pick to run the Center for Disease Control is just awful. This is definitely a slap in the face to the LGBT community.

Robert Redfield not only has no experience running a federal agency. His background should also disqualify him from going anywhere near the CDC.

Throughout his career, Redfield has been accused of discrimination, and he has used religion to justify it.

LGBTQ Nation reports,

“Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) wrote to Trump to express her concern about Redfield, ‘given his lack of public health credentials and history of controversial positions regarding the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.'”

In the 1980s, Redfield advocated for mandatory HIV testing for all military recruits and the reporting of those findings to federal authorities. Then, in the 1990s, he faced charges of scientific misconduct after he misrepresented data about an experimental HIV vaccine.

“Redfield was said to have claimed promising results from a small clinical trial of the vaccine, which was the focus of a lobbying campaign to sidestep peer review and increase its funding.

He was cleared of the charges, but the data published had to be corrected.”

Following Redfield’s appointment to the CDC, former Air Force Lt. Col. Craig Hendrix of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said about his misuse of data, “Either he was egregiously sloppy with data or it was fabricated.”

“Redfield’s close relationship during the 1980s with the Association for a Sound AIDS Policy (ASAP), a group founded by evangelical Christians, is even more significant cause for concern. The group claimed that HIV/AIDS was “God’s judgment against LGBTQ people,” and spread as a result of single-parent households and loss of “family values.”

In the 1990s, both ASAP and Redfield backed legislation to subject people with HIV to testing, loss of professional licenses, and quarantine. The bill died in Congress.”

Redfield also advocated for a program called “the ABCs of AIDS” in Africa during the 2000s. The program claimed to prevent AIDS by pushing sexual abstinence, monogamy, and the use of condoms only as a last resort. HIV infection raised dramatically across Africa while his program was in effect.

Add Redfield to the list of absolutely horrible hires by Donald Trump.

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