Turns Out The Newest Star In The Pro-Trump Media Used To Run A Trump-Bashing Publication


Candace Owens is one of the rising stars in the pro-Trump media and on Fox News. But, just two years ago, she was the CEO of a Trump-bashing site that compared Trump to Hitler and claimed that he has a small penis.

Candace Owens is a black conservative Trump-loving woman who is on the rise. She has been a frequent guest on Fox News recently, especially on Sean Hannity’s show. And you may have heard about her recently when Kanye West praised her. Donald Trump has also been singing her praises.

Last week, Trump tweeted that Owens is part of a group of “very smart thinkers.” And he said that she is “having a big impact on politics.” This week she hung out with Ivanka and Jared at the opening of the new embassy in Jerusalem.

But on Tuesday, BuzzFeed reported that Owens has a recent past that would infuriate the president.

“Owens, suddenly a new face of the American right, was less than two years ago the CEO of an online publication that frequently mocked then-candidate Trump, including conducting a mock “investigation” into his penis size. (The story determined that it was likely very small.) And in a 2015 column for the site lambasting conservative Republicans, Owens wrote that it was “good news” that the “Republican Tea Party … will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope).””

Owens’ old site was called Degree180. It’s now defunct, but much of its content has been preserved in the Internet Archive. BuzzFeed says that their content included “a mix of Thought Catalog–style personal essays, bloggy political musings, woke admonishments, and relationship advice.” They add that “many of the writers for Degree180, which Owens registered in 2015, were college students.”

The site seems to have stopped publishing new material in December of 2016. But BuzzFeed describes some of the articles that appeared on the site.

“And many of them expressed their displeasure with Donald Trump. In a December 2015 story, “Serious Question: Is Donald Trump a Social Experiment?” the site’s editor, Zoe Weiner, wrote of Trump’s now-notorious pledge to end Muslim immigration to the US, “You guys remember Nazi Germany, right?” (Weiner, now a freelance writer, declined to comment for this story.) In a sarcastic post titled “Thank You Letter to Donald Trump” in April 2016, one contributor to the site wrote: “The idea of you being my future President makes my skin crawl, but you did provide me with a new sense of political awareness.” An article from March 1, 2016, explained that even though Trump was married to an immigrant, he could still be racist. And a March 18, 2016, article titled “Does Donald Trump Actually Have a Small Penis?” concluded that “Donald Trump most likely has a penis the size of an infant. … Hitler is the one guy that comes to mind that may have topped him.””

Trump and Hannity absolutely love this fraud of a Trump supporter. They’re not going to be too happy to learn about what she was doing in her very recent past. So which is she? A true Trump believer? Or just another scam artist trying to cash in on the Trump presidency? My bet is she is the latter.

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