Geraldo Just Asked Hannity, ‘When Did We Become The Party Of Child Abuse?’ -VIDEO

There’s at least one person who’s speaking the truth on Fox about Trump’s disgusting policy of ripping children away from their parents at the border. And Geraldo is right. The Republicans who are defending Trump are defending child abuse.

On Tuesday night, Geraldo Rivera was a guest on Fox News’ Hannity. And he was fired up about Donald Trump’s horrific policy of terrorizing children at the border.

“The Democrats have a deal, a DACA fix, and a fix on separation for kids. Schumer’s answer is no. Why? Because he wants it for politics. They’re playing politics. Fix the law and do your job. That’s it,” Sean Hannity said as he introduced the segment, laying all of the blame for Trump’s policy on the Democrats.

“This is cruelty as policy. This is an obscenity!” Geraldo replied.

“This is the government of the United States and the president that we both love advocating a system by which young children are torn from their mothers,” He added. “History will judge us, Sean. … We must take a stand on something.”

“I agree. Here’s where we draw the line. I want no separation,” Hannity responded. “The president and you supported him, offered a DACA fix and a fix on this law, as horrible as it is, immediately he’ll sign it.”

“No matter what the president has done or will say, this is the only thing people are thinking about,” Geraldo insisted.

“It can be fixed tomorrow,” Hannity said.

“Twenty-three hundred children have been torn from their parents forcibly,” an emotional Geraldo shot back. “These are little babies, 18 months old. These are 10-year-olds with disabilities taken from their parents. This is impossible. We can’t condone this. The Republicans are the party of faith and family.”

Then he asked, “When did we become the party of child abuse?”

I can answer that. You became the party of child abuse when you became the party of Donald Trump.

I’m certainly no big fan of Geraldo. But I’m glad that there’s at least one rational voice on Fox about this mess.


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