GOP Congressman Gets Humiliated By Rosenstein After Citing Fake Fox News Report -VIDEO

Tea Party Republican and rabid Trump supporter Jim Jordan got thoroughly humiliated Thursday by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after Jordan obnoxiously cited a false Fox News report.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) tried to trap Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Thursday by reading a Fox News report. But the room burst out laughing when Rosenstein pointed out the obvious inaccuracies in the report.

This humiliating moment came as House Republicans held yet another hearing meant to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation and the Justice Department overseeing it.

“Did you threaten staffers on the House Intelligence Committee?” Jordan asked Rosenstein. “Media reports indicate you did.”

“Media reports are mistaken,” Rosenstein replied.

In the most obnoxious way possible, Jordan continued pressing the issue. Then he quoted a Fox News article saying, “‘Having the nation’s number one law enforcement officer threaten to subpoena your calls and emails is downright chilling.’ Did you threaten to subpoena their calls and emails?”

“No sir,” Rosenstein responded, “and there’s no way to subpoena phone calls.”

The entire room then burst into laughter.

“I’m reading what the press says,” Jordan sputtered.

So Rosenstein calmly said, “I would suggest that you not rely on what the press said.”


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