Meet Trump’s Favorite Racist Senate Candidate In This Off-The-Rails CNN Interview -VIDEO

CNN’s Chris Cuomo just destroyed white supremacist Senate candidate Corey Stewart in this unhinged interview. I can see why Trump loves this guy. They’re both vile liars.

On Tuesday night, Republican Senate candidate for Virginia Corey Stewart appeared on CNN with Chris Cuomo. And it was an absolute train wreck.

At one point in the interview, Stewart attacked Cuomo’s dad, the late Mario Cuomo, who was formerly the governor of New York.

“By the way, your own father said anti-Semitic things. Did you ever condemn him? That’s true!” Stewart said.

“Oh, please,” Cuomo shot back. “My father is dead and buried and was 10 times the man you’ll ever be on your best day!”

Stewart got bent out of shape but couldn’t defend himself when Cuomo pointed out that he has ties to other known bigots. Stewart is close with the anti-Semite who’s running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin, Paul Nehlan. And he also has ties with white supremacist Richard Hines.

Stewart tried to tell Cuomo that he didn’t agree with the views of Nehlan and other extremists. And he accused Cuomo of making him guilty by association.

“Of course [you are!” Cuomo shot back. “You’re in front of a Confederate flag accepting the endorsement of a known hater. What are you talking about?”

“I take support from whoever wants to give it to me. That doesn’t mean I support their views,” Stewart replied.

Stewart is running against Tim Kaine in November. According to a Roanoke College poll in May, Kaine is leading by 11 points. My guess is that after this interview Kaine’s lead will open up even further.


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